Kobo eReader Mini review: shrunk in the laundry

Smaller isn't always the way to go



We recently tested six different e-readers, after which we received a new model from Kobo called the eReader Mini.  It was still before Apple announced the iPad Mini. Hardware.Info tested Kobo's latest e-reader, that turns out to have some things in common with that other Mini.

The Kobo Mini is equipped with a wireless network connection in order to download books directly, just like the larger version. The Mini also resembles the Touch Edition in a lot of other ways, from the lack of external buttons to the capacitive touchscreen. One difference is that the Mini does not have a memory card reader, so you're limited to the 2 GB internal storage and the cloud storage which you can access through wireless. The back has the same silver checkerboard pattern, which you can also get in a different colour if you want to spend a little more.

The Kobo Mini costs an average of £60 and is about £15 cheaper than the Kobo eReader Touch Edition. It's the most affordable E Ink e-reader that you can currently buy, if you're ok with a 5-inch screen. So how is the hands-on user experience?

Kobo eReader Mini White


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Kobo eReader Mini White

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