Logitech t620 Touch Mouse & t400 Zone Touch Mouse review: made for Windows 8

Logitech comes with two mice designed specifically for Windows 8


t620 and t400

Logitech recently introduced two mice which it developed specifically for use with Windows 8. The Logitech t620 Touch Mouse and the t400 Zone Touch Mouse offer extra options to at least partially compensate for the lack of a touch screen on existing systems. We got to grips with both mice for a few days.

The t400 Zone Touch Mouse is the cheaper of the two, with an average price of about 36 pounds. This relatively diminutive mouse (it measures 4 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches) is available in red, black and blue. In all models, the top is dark grey. This mouse has two regular buttons, but in between you'll find a touch sensitive strip. That serves as a scroll wheel, but it also offers additional functions, which we will discuss on the next pages.

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 Red

The t620 Touch Mouse is the more luxurious and versatile of the couple. This mouse features a larger touch sensitive area, that covers the entire top side. There are no visible buttons, but the mouse does actually click when you tap it at the front on either the left or right side. Because it has a larger touch area, the t620 offers more touch functionality, which we get into on the next pages. The t620 is significantly more expensive at around 59 pounds.

Logitech T620 Touch Mouse Graphite

Both mice have a wireless connection and come bundled with a Logitech unifying receiver, which you insert in a free USB port, where it extends at most 0.2 inches from. This receiver can be used to connect up to five compatible Logitech devices. Both mice operate on AA batteries, there is no charging station for either. To save power, there is an on/off switch located on the bottom.

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