Point of View Protab 3 XXL review: 10-inch, IPS, £200

Affordable Jelly Bean in size XL



Point of View has been walking the tightrope for a while trying to find a balance between price and performance. The Protab 3 XXL is a 10-inch tablet with IPS panel and Jelly Bean, and Hardware.Info just had to review it.

Earlier this year we reviewed the Protab 2 9.7", also from Point of View, and came to the conclusion that you did get a lot of quality for what you paid. With the Protab 3 XXL, Point of View takes that even further, at least in theory.

That's because this is no longer a 9.7-inch tablet, but one with the "standard" Android size of 10.1 inches. It's available for around £200, but Point of View was still able to use an IPS panel and include Android 4.1. This is more unique, especially for manufacturers known for making budget products.

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

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Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

Tablet, Rockchip RK3066, 1 GB, 10.1 inch, 1280x800, Touchscreen, ARM Mali-400 MP4, 8 GB, Android

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