Point of View Protab 3 XXL review: 10-inch, IPS, £200

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The Point of View Protab 3 XXL is the most affordable 10-inch tablet with IPS panel that we have tested. Paying around £200 for this type of panel was unthinkable not very long ago. Added to that is some pretty potent hardware. The GPU is the same one that is used in the much more expensive Galaxy Note 10.1.

Point of View obviously had to cut corners somewhere to make this an affordable tablet. Software-wise you shouldn't expect much, it's one of the most stripped-down interfaces we've seen on a tablet. Whether that's a plus or a drawback will depend on the user.

We do have some questions about the overall quality of this tablet. The flicker on the screen and the problems with the battery in our initial sample (confirmed by others) does make it appear as if there is a chance you could get a faulty copy. Of course you can always exchange it under warranty, but it doesn't make a great impression.

We applaud Point of View for making high-quality panels available for budget prices. For the time being there are too many question marks about the quality of the Protab 3 XXL for us to be able to give the Bronze Award for this tablet. If you get a working model, you have a great tablet for a great price. When Point of View has eliminated all of the issues, then we can definitely recommend this 10-inch tablet.

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

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Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

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