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One way to make tablets more affordable is by cutting corners on the hardware, and that is exactly what Point of View did with the Protab 3 XXL. The chips are from Rockchip, and these we have never encountered in tablets from the high-end manufacturers.

That doesn't mean that this is an SoC that can barely manage to stay afloat. The CPU in the RK3066 is has two 1.9 GHz Cortex A9 cores. This is faster than most other SoCs that we've seen this year. The GPU is the familiar Mali-400 MP, but the version with four cores. It's a fairly powerful GPU, which you will see in the benchmarks. The tablet has 1 GB of RAM.

The screen is probably the most impressive aspect of this tablet, because it has an IPS panel. It's special because this is a 10-inch screen, and until now the only IPS panels we'd seen in budget tablets were 9.7 inches. The quality of the screen is definitely good enough for a tablet in this segment. Viewing angles are good and the colour rendering is good, but sometimes we noticed a slight flickering effect in the screen. The maximum brightness of more than 300 candela isn't bad, but we're used to seeing higher by now.

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB


We can be brief about the software on the Point of View Protab 3 XXL. Aside from the fact that we are dealing with version 4.1.1 of Android (Jelly Bean), there isn't much to report. When you turn on the tablet for the first time, all you have on the central starting screen is a clock. Google Now is not present, but you can download it. If you prefer having a vanilla version of Android you will enjoy this tablet, but if you enjoy having all types of pre-installed apps, then you might feel a bit left on your own.

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

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Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

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