Point of View Protab 3 XXL review: 10-inch, IPS, £200

Affordable Jelly Bean in size XL


First impressions

When you first hold the Protab 3 XXL in your hand you notice you're not dealing with a featherweight. 670 grams isn't incredibly heavy, but by now we have seen quite a few tablets that weigh far less than 600 grams. The weight does give it a solid feel, and the aluminium casing adds to this. When you press down on the back you do notice that it's not the thickest of chassis. It's not a big deal, but something to keep in mind if you tend to transport your tablet unprotected in a bag.

Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

The Protab 3 XXL is fully featured in terms of connectors. You get HDMI, USB (host and slave), microSD and a headphone jack. The microphone, reset button, on/off button and volume buttons are all in the same corner of the tablet. There is a front-facing and rear-facing camera. The main camera does not have a flash. On each side of that camera you can see the slits of the speakers.

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Point of View ProTab 3 XXL 8GB

Tablet, Rockchip RK3066, 1 GB, 10.1 inch, 1280x800, Touchscreen, ARM Mali-400 MP4, 8 GB, Android

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