Samsung Galaxy S III Mini review: a small S3

Smaller, but just as good?



The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is a rather highly-anticipated smartphone, as the name promises to deliver what the Galaxy S III has to offer, but at a reduced size and price. We got our hands on the 8 GB model of the new Mini and took a closer look. We obviously want to know whether the Mini is an S III which just happens to be a bit smaller, or whether it is a watered down version of this phone.

The relationship between the Galaxy S III and the Mini is obvious from the moment you open the box. It's basically the same smartphone, but shrunk to a - for some - more agreeable size. Also the price will reportedly be around £ 300, which will be more to the liking of most consumers as well. Given its name, it is however quite striking that the Mini is a bit thicker than its 'full-sized' brother. That's not necessarily a problem though, because this means that the device is easier to hold in and operate with one hand. Also, the combination of this extra thickness and the low weight (111 grams) gives a very natural feel in your hand, which obviously is nice for a phone that's supposedly built for humans.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White

Aside from the form-factor, nothing has changed at first glance. We see the two capacitive buttons (Back and Menu) flanking the physical Home button. The power switch is located on the right, and the volume controls on the left. In order to insert a SIM-card (a full-size one, contrary to earlier talk about Micro SIM being the form-factor) and/or a microSD-card (max. 32 GB), you have to remove the back of the phone. All the way at the bottom of the Mini is the Micro USB-connector, to connect it to the mains for charging, or to a computer.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White

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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White

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