Samsung Galaxy Xcover review: robust smartphone

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Generally speaking, it's best to be gentle with your smartphone. They're not really made for surviving rough treatment, but there are some models out there that claim more durability. A while ago we reviewed Sony's Xperia Go, a water- and dust-proof phone. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover has the same IP67 rating as the Go, but looks much more robust. Hardware.Info tested the Galaxy Xcover, that's already been out for a while.

When you look at them, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover (£179) and the Sony Xperia Go (£189) don't look a lot alike, but they're both phones of a type that we don't encounter very often. Both products are aimed at consumers that are more demanding, and want a phone that is physically stronger than your average smartphone. Hence the IP67 rating, which means that it has to be able to handle dust and being submerged 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre. It doesn't mean it will automatically fail at 2 metres.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Orange

We will touch upon the similarities between the Galaxy Xcover and the Xperia Go at the end of the review, first we will take a closer look at the Xcover.

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover Orange

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