Linksys EA6500 review: 802.11ac in the cloud

The new flagship router from Linksys



The number of 802.11ac routers is steadily increasing. The latest one we got our hands on comes from Cisco, in the form of the Linksys EA6500. It's supposed to become the new router for the consumer market. Hardware.Info tested the EA6500 to find out whether the performance and features warrant those dreams.

Cisco is not the first to come with an 802.11ac router, but it did right away also release an 802.11ac bridge with the Linksys WUMC710. The only other manufacturer to do so thusfar is Buffalo.

The EA6500 costs around £160, while the WUMC710 has a price of around £90. Together these are definitely not an affordable setup, but it beats buying two routers in order to put one in bridge mode.

Linksys EA6500

The 'EA' in the Cisco Linksys EA6500 stands for App Enabled, which means the router is compatible with the Connect Cloud firmware and you can use apps to do things remotely. The number of available apps is still very limited, but the service is relatively young still. Cisco says that a number of developers are working on it.

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