HP Spectre XT: Deluxe Ultrabook

Thinner and sleeker than the Spectre 14



Luxury, nothing but luxury. That is what HP's Spectre brand exudes. We recently reviewed the Envy Spectre 14, and in this article we will discuss the Spectre XT, a more affordable, thinner and sleeker Ultrabook.

HP Spectre XT 13-2000ed (B3Y71EA)

The Spectre XT is a 13-inch Ultrabook made out of aluminium. It weighs 1.41 kg and features a very sleek design. The colour scheme is a combination of brushed aluminium with a dark border around the screen and a shiny finish around the edges. The underside is made in plastic, but has a nice feel to it with its rubbery soft-touch design. HP has managed to create its own feel and identity with this design, and you can clearly see the relation with the more affordable Envy 4 and 6 Ultrabooks.

HP Spectre XT 13-2000ed (B3Y71EA)

The keyboard has a nice touch, and features backlit keys. The touchpad is one of the best we've seen recently, and it's extremely accurate and responsive. The Spectre XT has a number of HP features, including CoolSense that manages the temperature and automatically adjusts the cooling when you have the notebook in your lap. Beats Audio is another feature, but the integrated speakers are not very convincing. HP added extras in the form of complete versions of Adobe PhotoShop Elements and Premiere 10.

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HP Spectre XT 13-2000ed (B3Y71EA)

Laptop, Intel Core i5 3317U, 4 GB, 14 inch, 1366x768, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 128 GB, Windows

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