Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB (2.5") hard disk review

The first 2.5-inch 2TB hard disk



The data density of hard disks keeps increasing, which in turns causes the storage capacity to grow larger and larger. A milestone was reached earlier this year for 3.5-inch disks, with the arrival of the first hard drive with a capacity of 4 terabyte from Hitachi. Then Western Digital came with a 2.5-inch disk with a capacity of 2.5 terabyte, which Hardware.Info tested to find out how fast it is.

The Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB (WD20NPVT) is a 2.5-inch disk and primarily intended for laptops and all-in-one PCs. It won't fit in all laptops, however. It has a thickness of 15mm, while most laptops support 12mm, 9mm or 7mm. It's something to pay attention to when you're thinking about upgrading your notebook. The Caviar Green 2TB is perfect for 2.5-inch NAS devices or external hard drive cases.

Western Digital Scorpio Green 2TB (SATA2, 8MB)

The 15mm-thickness is caused by the four 500 GB platters, which currently is the highest capacity available in 2.5 inches. The recently tested Western Digital Scorpio 1TB contains two 500 GB platters, and Seagate uses the same type.

The disk has a rotational speed of 5400 RPM, but the high data density should make the performance more akin to 7200 RPM disks. It's not a cheap hard disk with an average price of £160. The largest disks are the most expensive when you look at the price per gigabyte, but in laptops you generally don't have the luxury of placing two 1 TB disks instead of a single 2 TB one.

Western Digital Scorpio Green 2TB (SATA2, 8MB)

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Western Digital Scorpio Green 2TB (SATA2, 8MB)

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