Review of the 15-inch Samsung Series 9: 15 inches and only 1.58 kg

Super-sleek, light, 15 inches and Windows 8



One of the best Ultrabooks currently available is without a doubt the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C, a model that now has bigger sibling in the form of the Series 9 NP900X4D. The new series 9 has a larger screen of 15 inches but has kept all of the advantages of the smaller model, including the sleek design and low weight.

When you hold the 15-inch Series 9 in your hands for the first time you will be surprised how little it weighs. That Samsung was able to keep it under 1.6 kg is impressive, considering that manufacturers struggle to reach that weight with smaller laptops. Add to that the attractive and sleek design of the smaller laptop, and you have a winner.

Samsung Series 9 NP900X4D-A02NL

It's not just similarities, however. The smaller model is constructed out of aluminium, and Samsung switched to magnesium for the chassis of the new 15-inch model. It's cheaper to produce, but it looks great and feels nice too. Only the edge around the screen is in a different material.

When you look at the sides the design is also very stylish, with sloping edges accentuating the sleek design even more. Even the design of the bottom of the laptop received some attention in terms of looks, and has the Windows 8 logo as distinguishing touch. That's right, the Samsung Series 9 NP900X4D has Windows 8 (not Pro). In the UK it still comes with Windows 7, but our test model had Windows 8, which is also how it appears in other markets.

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