AMD FX-8350, -8320, -6300 'Vishera' review: finally good enough?

Can the new Piledriver cores provide the AMD FX processors with a much-needed boost?


Benchmarks (CPU): 720p MPEG to x264 video encoding

The Tech Arp x264 HD benchmark indicates with how many frames per second 720p HD video can be compressed with the x264 H.264 codec. Coding happens in two phases, pass 1 and 2, for which the benchmark gives individual scores. The second phase is the most intensive and takes the longest, but it also better utilises multiple cores. Please note: this is without QuickSync, VCE or other forms of GPU acceleration. Later on there is a benchmark that does use QuickSync.

The eight cores of the new FX processors can show what they're capable of in this test. In pass 2, the actual coding of the video, the CPUs are extremely fast. With 42 fps the FX-8350 is slightly faster than the Core i7 3770K. The six-core FX-6300 is on the level of the much more expensive Core i5 3570K.

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