ASUS ET2220 review: 22-inch all-in-one with Windows 8

Windows 8 on a stylishly designed all-in-one



We expect an avalanche of Windows 8 devices to be unleashed very soon. Manufacturers are putting in overtime to get the first Windows 8 laptops, tablets and all-in-ones ready for 26 October. The first to arrive at the Hardware.Info offices came from ASUS in the form of the ET2220, a 22-inch all-in-one touchscreen with a modern design optimised for the Windows 8 experience.

We recently reviewed the ASUS ET2411INTI, which is a 24 inch all-in-one that wasn't quite able to win us over. The processor performance was fine, but it still had Windows 7 and the touchscreen didn't offer many advantages. It really gave the impression of being an afterthought. The same cannot be said for the ET2220.


The design is entirely different. About all they have in common is the brand name, but the similarities end there. The 22-inch display seamlessly connects with the edge, and has ten touchpoints. The viewing angles of the Full HD display are excellent. It's easy to make the Windows 8 gestures along the edges. And while the ASUS ET2220 is intended for complete touch operation, you still get a keyboard, mouse and remote. A complete package, in other words.


Windows 8 on the ET2220

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All-in-One, Intel Core i5 3330, 6 GB, Nvidia GeForce 610M, 1000 GB, 22 inch, Microsoft Windows 8

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