Samsung Galaxy Note II: Bigger, faster, better

The Galaxy Note II is Samsung's new flagship phone



When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note last year we were not overly enthusiastic. A 5.3-inch smartphone is way too big and would probably only appeal to a select group of people, or so we thought. A year later Samsung has sold more than 10 million of these, and now has released the Note II.

When the original Note appeared, it was by far the largest smartphone you could buy (excluding the failed Dell Streak). That's still the case, but other manufacturers including Sony and HTC have now also released phones with larger screens. The difference in size between the Galaxy S III and the Note II is less noticeable than between the Galaxy S II and the first Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Grey

Criticism about the "excessive" size of the Note II was much more muted than during the release of the original. One reason is that people have gotten more used to larger smartphones, but Samsung has also proven that a large screen has added value. Chances are that, after using the Note for a few months, you're hesitant to return to a smaller model. Browsing, typing and watching videos is much nicer on large display. The Note II continues with the same formula of a large screen, an improved pen, a much faster processor and the latest version of Android.


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