Alcatel One Touch 991D review: full-touch for £120

Dual-sim and full-touch



The recently reviewed Alcatel One Touch 995 made a very good impression. You get a lot of phone for £170, an unusual amount of quality for an affordable price. Digging deeper into Alcatel's vault, there is also the One Touch 991D. This is a smartphone with touch interface for around £120. Hardware.Info tested the 991D to find out if it also manages to impress.

Alcatel One Touch 991D Black (dual sim)

When you first hold the Alcatel One Touch 991D in your hand, it doesn't feel like a phone you can buy for £120. It feels solid, and isn't that small with its 4 inches. It does weigh more than its bigger sibling, the One Touch 995, at 135 grams. First impressions do count, and those are positive. 

In terms of connectors and buttons, the 991D has a headphone jack on the top along with the on/off button. On the side you'll find the volume button, and on the bottom there is the USB port for the charger and connecting the phone to a computer. Below the screen there are four capacitive buttons. When you remove the back cover you'll see that, in addition to the microSD slot (32 GB max), there are two SIM card slots in the phone. That is what the "D" in 991D stands for, dual-SIM.

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Alcatel One Touch 991D Black (dual sim)

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