Apple iPhone 5 review: new but not revolutionary

Bigger, faster, lighter and better display



Last month Apple launched the iPhone 5, and the usual throngs of people lined up in front of Apple stores all across the world. The iPhone got a bit of a make-over, runs on a new operating system and has a new processor. Reason enough to take a closer look.

Apple has traditionally been very good at keeping the lid on unreleased products, leaving everything for the official introduction. It's quite impressive, considering that the new products are available immediately after launch and have been in production for months. The secrecy surrounding the iPhone 5 was quite as tight. Weeks prior to the official launch, photos and videos of the new and longer iPhone appeared on the internet. It was well-known long before the introduction that the new Apple phone would be widescreen, have a matte finish on the back and equipped with a smaller connector. iOS 6 had also been available to developers for a while, so many details of the new OS were already available as well.

Apple iPhone 5 64GB White

That the official presentation was more a confirmation than a revelation didn't matter, consumers received the new iPhone with open arms. Around two million phones changed hands on day one. The iPhone 5 is available in black and white, with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage.

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