Shuttle OmniNAS KD20 review: first time's the charm?

Mini-PC manufacturer Shuttle enters the NAS market



For a first entry, the Shuttle OmniNAS KD20 certainly doesn't disappoint. It has a solid chassis, a USB 3.0 port on the front and quality trays for the hard disks. It appears that Shuttle did its homework properly.

Shuttle OmniNAS KD20

The firmware has all the features you expect on a NAS, and the lay-out is well-organised. Shuttle also has practical apps for remote access to your folders. The only minor gripe we have is that you can't use the media server and Bittorrent at the same time. The performance of the NAS certainly isn't ground-breaking, but it's fast enough. The Shuttle OmniNAS KD20 is a very decent first-time NAS for around £118, so we can't wait to see the next product from Shuttle in this category.

Update 30 January 2013

Shuttle introduced a number of improvements to the firmware since the Shuttle KD20 was launched. A number of European languages were added, including Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Danish. The media server Twonky was been integrated to improve playing media files via DLNA-compatible devices. Support for Apple's back-up protocol Time Machine has been added. However, there still isn't a built-in FTP server, and you still can't use the DLNA media server and Bittorrent at the same time.

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Shuttle OmniNAS KD20

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