Loewe Connect ID review: Design TV with many faces

The many colours and configurations ensure that this Loewe TV will look great in any living room



If interior design is your thing and you want your TV to blend into your modern living room, then the Connect ID range from Loewe should be on your shortlist. Here ID stands for Individual Design. Loewe claims the series offers 2,160 variations, so chances are that one will fit nicely into your modern living room. Since these aren't cheap TVs by a long shot, the question is how good they really are aside from looking stylish. Hardware.Info tested the 40-inch DR+ Connect ID TV.

Loewe Connect Id 40 DR+

It is rare that we test televisions by Loewe. Unlike the big players, Loewe aims at exclusivity. To achieve this they do come up with unique designs, but the price tags truly reflect this approach. You can find the 40-inch Connect ID 40 DR+ starting at £1,595, an amount you can buy high-end 55-inch models for from other brands. Does Loewe invest all the money in design, or is the hardware of an exclusive level of quality as well?

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Loewe Connect Id 40 DR+

40 inch, Full HD, 1920x1080, LCD, Edge LED, DVB-C (Cable) tuner, DVB-S (Satellite) tuner, DVB-T (Terrestrial) tuner, CI-slot, Built-in internet functionality

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