ASUS RT-AC66U review: enhanced RT-N66U

The first 802.11ac router from ASUS



ASUS feels that its RT-N66U is a real success story. According to the manufacturer, they are selling like hotcakes. ASUS good fortune is well-deserved, because it's an outstanding router. To create the new RT-AC66U, ASUS took the RT-N66U router and replaced the 802.11n module with the 802.11ac module for the 5 GHz band. Hardware.Info tested the new router to find out how well it performs, and compared it to other current ac-routers.


This review will focus on the performance, for the simple reason that the RT-AC66U is almost the exact same device as the RT-N66U which we reviewed earlier this year. For all the details about that router, please read our original RT-N66U review. We will cover the differences between the two routers, which can solely be found in the hardware. We will therefore not spend much time on the software, but if you're interested in the interface you can browse through the screen shots in the coming pages. 


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Asus RT-AC66U

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