Fractal Design Define R4 review: refined silence

Bigger, deeper, heavier - but is it more quiet?


Test results cooling 400 watts

The second set of the four tests is done with 400 watts of heat, which is more challenging for a chassis to get rid of.

400 W 7 V

With twice the heat the Fractal Design Define R4 still performs the best, if we leave out the more expensive P280. The difference with the Corsair Obsidian 550D is not huge, but still significant. We would still not recommend these types of temperatures for computer components.

400 W 12 V

With all fans on high there is a clear improvement, with the temperature down to 35.3 degrees. It's still warm, but much better than what the bottom three were able to accomplish in this test. The difference with the 550D is smaller here.

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