Spire Thermax Eclipse III review: big heat pipes

Spire kills the noise with a new version of the Thermax Eclipse



When it appeared in 2010, the Spire Thermax Eclipse II was one of the first CPU coolers to utilise extra wide 8mm heat pipes. When we tested it at the time, it proved to be a very good cooler thanks to the large heat pipes and high-speed (and noisy) fans. The relatively low price of the Thermax Eclipse II made it an interesting choice for people not bothered too much by a little noise, but wanted the best cooling for the least amount of money. The hum from the fans was on such a level that we really could not recommend it for everyone.

Now the follow-up has arrived, in the form of the Thermax Eclipse III, with new fans. Hardware.Info tested it to find out whether the new fans make an impact on the noise production.

Spire TherMax Eclipse III

The differences between the Thermax Eclipse II and III are limited to the fans. The heatsink has remained the same, and consists of a tower cooler with five 8mm heat pipes in direct contact with the CPU. The cooler is nickle-plated and looks quite good because of it. The two fans are attached with rubber points to the heatsink, which decreases the amount of resonance noise that can be created. Mounting the fans is a bit delicate, and once they're in place you have to be careful they don't get detached. The Thermax Eclipse II had two 2,200 RPM fans, but the new Eclipse III has two PWM fans that vary from 600 RPM to 1,800 RPM. According to Spire's marketing department, "nano-bearings" have been used on the fans. 

Spire TherMax Eclipse III

The price of the Thermax Eclipse III is slightly higher than that of the Eclipse II, it's available for an average of £43. We compared the Eclipse III to other models between £30 and £50.

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Spire TherMax Eclipse III

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