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OKI probably isn't the most well-known brand among Hardware.Info readers, but they've been making printers and all-in-ones using LEDs for a few years. Recently the manufacturer launched a number of new products, and for the small (home) office there now is the MC562dn. Hardware.Info took a closer look.

Oki MC562dn

The MC562dn looks like a dime-a-dozen printer, perhaps with a bit of an older design even. That's not unusual for office printers, where function is more more important than looks. You don't get a colour display here, much less one with touch interface. You do get light-grey buttons on a dark-grey background, and the buttons for cancelling a task or scanning/ copying are coloured. On the right side, under a little cover, there is a QWERTY keyboard. This is handy for entering long email addresses, for example.

Oki MC562dn

Oki MC562dn

The MC562dn has two paper trays. The main tray takes 250 sheets, and the one in the front that you can load manually has room for 100 sheets. That one you can use for different types of paper. The ADF on this printer can house 50 sheets at a time, which should be plenty for the majority of scanning jobs. The capacity of the main paper tray is a little meager with only 250 sheets. You have the option of adding an additional tray for 430 sheets, but that costs extra of course. It's already not the cheapest printer with an average price of £666, it would have been more reasonable with a large standard tray.

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Oki MC562dn

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