Round-up of 74 laptop power adapters: original or universal?

Are original adapters better?



When you're looking for a new power adapter for your laptop, there are two choices. Do you purchase an original from the laptop manufacturer, or do you give a universal adapter a try? The ones in the last category are usually cheaper, and much easier to find. However, are original adapters better in any way? Hardware.Info tested 74 laptop adapters to put that question to rest once and for all.

There are plenty of reasons to buy a laptop power adapter. Perhaps your old one is getting glitchy, or maybe you'd like to have one at work and one at home. If you're a frequent traveler, maybe you would like a lighter model for on the road. Some adapters come with nice extras too, such as a USB charger that's strong enough for charging an iPad for example. The correct adapter can also be more efficient and thereby save you a little money in the long run.

For this round-up we asked every brand known to man to send us universal adapters between 65 and 120 watts. We also asked the main notebook manufacturers to participate, and they mainly sent us 90 watt adapters. Only a few notebook brands have adapters in their own brand, most carry logos from Lite-On, Delta, FSP/Fortron or Chicony.

Lite-On 90W Notebook Adapter


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