LG Optimus L7 and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus review: different looks, same hardware

Two very different-looking phone, one bigger than the other. Is this a fair comparison?



LG and Samsung regularly release new high-end smartphones, but both brands are active in the mid-range segment as well. We tested the LG Optimus L7 (LG-P700) and the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500). They may look completely different, but they have a lot in common on the inside.

In our recent review of the Alcatel One Touch 995 it became clear that affordable smartphones can be very interesting products. If you don't need all the processing and graphical power of the deluxe smartphones, you can still buy a very capable model that can handle most tasks. The One Touch 995 is a good example of this, and we are curious to find out whether there are more.

We therefore tested the LG Optimus L7 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. The LG Optimus L7 is available for about £210, which makes it £40 more expensive than the Alcatel phone. The Samsung Ace is available for £180.

LG Optimus L7 Black
LG Optimus L7

In this review we will compare the Optimus L7 and the Galaxy Ace Plus. It is an interesting comparison because the phones look very different, but are built around very similar components. They both have the Qualcomm MSM7227A, an SoC with a single-core CPU running at 1 GHz.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Blue
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus


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LG Optimus L7 Black

Android 4, 4 GB, 4.3 inch, 800x480, 5 MPixel

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Blue

Android, 2.7 GB, 3.65 inch, 480x320, 5 MPixel, 4G

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