Alcatel One Touch 995: big smartphone, small price

How much smartphone can you get for £170? Quite a bit, according to Alcatel.



Alcatel generally aims at the entry-level smartphone market, but with the One Touch 995 it wants to enter the high-end market while keeping the price low. Hardware.Info took a closer look at this new Alcatel phone to find out just how high-end it is.

High-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X are of course very tempting if you are looking for a new smartphone, but if you don't want to be stuck with a multi-year contract or have 450-500 pounds to spend on a phone you'll have to look for more affordable options. That's exactly the type of consumer Alcatel has made this smartphone for. The 4.3-inch One Touch 995 looks pretty big, but doesn't take up much more space than last year's Sony Xperia Arc S. It had a more sleek design, which made it look smaller than it was. The One Touch 995 does sit nicely in your hand, partly thanks to the nice feel of the phone's back side.

Alcatel used a 800x400 pixel display, which is less than what the true high-end Android phones have. The quality is quite good, however. The IPS display has good colour rendering and viewing angles, and the maximum brightness of 300 candela per square metre is not bad at all. The touch screen input works smoothly as well. It's a good screen for a phone that costs only £170.

Alcatel One Touch 995 Black

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Alcatel One Touch 995 Black

Android, 1 GB, 4.3 inch, 800x480, 5 MPixel

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