LG IPS277L-BN review: LG's latest generation IPS monitor

The new flagship IPS display from LG does not disappoint



You can question the added value of the extra inches when you're talking about large-size screens with Full HD resolution, because the pixel density will inevitably be lower. That doesn't mean it's not possible to create a very good monitor, as LG has proven with the new IPS277L-BN.

If you don't have £450 or more to spend on 27-inch displays with 2560x1440 pixels but do want a large screen, then your only option is a Full HD monitor. Those are much more affordable, you can find them already for £190 and around £250 you have plenty of choice.

LG has yet to release a 27-inch model with 2560x1440 pixels, which is unusual considering LG Display that is part of the same parent company is the main manufacturer of those panels. The new IPS7 series still uses 1920x1080 panels and will be the new flagship LG monitors. We tested the 27-inch IPS277L-BN, but there is also a 23-inch version called the IPS237L-BN.

You can find the new LG monitor for around £235. It's not cheap, but still a lot less than the 2560x1440 screens. You could actually buy two of these 27-inch LG displays for one of those.

That doesn't mean the IPS277L-BN is a budget monitor. It has a unique design, and LG claims it comes pre-calibrated. It's also supposed to have more calibration options and it has an MHL connector. Hardware.Info took a closer look.


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