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Since a few months back most SandForce-based SSDs come with the latest generation firmware, version 5.0. In addition to better performance, the new firmware also supports new types of flash chips, including the 24nm ToggleFlash chips from the new joint factory of Sandisk and Toshiba. That was reason enough for Corsair to introduce a new series of SSDs, called the Force GS. We tested the 240 GB model.

Corsair Force Series GS 240GB

Corsair is positioning the GS next to the GT, and they carry about the same price. The manufacturer says that their performance is very similar, and that both version have different strong points. When we compare the specifications of the Force GS 240 GB with the Force GT 240 GB than we can see that they are the same, 555 MB/s read and 525 MB/s write speeds. Prices are very similar as well. The only noticeable difference between the two is the type of flash memory that is used.

Corsair Force Series GS 240GB

Corsair Force Series GS 240GB

Sandisk ToggleFlash is faster at random writes, according to the manufacture, so we'll keep an eye on that in the benchmarks. Corsair has left the RAISE feature enabled, which means that one of the flash chips is used to save the parity data from the other chips. The advantage is that all data isn't lost if a single chip malfunctions, the disadvantage is that you lose 16 GB of storage space leaving 240 GB instead of 256 GB.

The average price of the Force GS 240 GB is £182, which is £0.76 per GB. It's about average, compared to other current SSDs.

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Corsair Force Series GS 240GB

SSD, 240 GB, Serial ATA 600, SandForce SF-2281, 555 MB/s, 525 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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