Transcend SSD720 128GB SSD review: modern SandForce

Transcend's new SandForce SSDs with Sandisk flash



We recently tested the Corsair Force GS 240GB and Adata SX910 256GB SSDs. Both turned out to be more than just another SandForce-based SSD with the same specs. The Corsair SSD stood out due to its choice of Sandisk 24nm ToggleNAND. Adata opted for disabling SandForce's RAISE technology, making available the full 256 GB capacity instead of the expected 240 GB. Transcend sent us a sample of their 720 series SSD which combines both concepts.

Transcend SSD720 128GB

According to the manufacturer, the Transcend SSD720 should achieve read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and write speeds up to 540 MB/s. The SSD costs an average of £118, which means £0.92 per GB. That is a little bit on the expensive side, considering Transcend does not include any accessories such as installation brackets or migration software. The price has actually dropped quite a bit, in February it still cost £160.

A nice quality is the fact the SSD720 is only 7 mm thick, which makes it compatible with thin notebooks. Most SandFore-based SSDs are 9.5 mm thick. The SSD has eight Sandisk 24nm ToggleNAND flash memory chips. They are all located on one side of the PCB, and the controller is on the other.

Transcend SSD720 128GB

Transcend SSD720 128GB

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