Sony Xperia P review: brighter than the sun

Sleek phone with very bright display


Test results: Browser performance

We used the benchmarks Peacekeep, Sunspider and Browsermark to measure the performance of the smartphone's webbrowsers. Peacekeeper focuses on the rendering of the web browser and depends both on the processing power and the phone's graphical part. Sunspider is a Javascript benchmark that came out in a new version not too long ago, which unfortunately means that we don't have the scores of all phones. Browsermark is a benchmark that we've started using recently as well.

The browser performance is a combination of pure processing power and how well the browser has been implemented, and again we see that this is a mid-range phone. 

Lastly, we will show the allround score of the Antutu benchmark in which memory, CPU, GPU, I/O and file system scores are combined in an aggregrate score. The Antutu score doesn't come close to current high-end Android phones, but it's not that far off from last-years top model, the Samsung Galaxy S II.


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Sony Xperia P LT22i Black

Android 4, 16 GB, 4.0 inch, 960x540, 8 MPixel

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Sony Xperia P LT22i Silver

Android, 16 GB, 4.0 inch, 960x540, 8 MPixel

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