Sony Xperia P review: brighter than the sun

Sleek phone with very bright display



The Xperia P is an attractive phone. The sleek front, the transparent edge and the aluminium back side give it a very classy look. The large number of buttons and connectors on the side detract a little bit from this. The performance is very reasonable, and while the NovaThor dual-core processor can't be compared to current high-end hardware, it's more than good enough for normal use.

Sony Xperia P LT22i Silver

Sony sells the Xperia P with Android 2.3, but the update to Android 4 is already out. Sony’s own UI is as sleek and stylish as the phone itself, but doesn't have many extra bells and whistles. The unique selling point of the Xperia P is without a doubt the 960x540 qHD ‘WhiteMagic’ display. The white subpixels make the display brighter than any other phone we've seen, and it's perfect for outdoor use, even in direct sunlight.

Bottomline, the Sony Xperia P is a good-looking mid-range phone with an exceptionally bright display for £259.


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Sony Xperia P LT22i Black

Android 4, 16 GB, 4.0 inch, 960x540, 8 MPixel

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Sony Xperia P LT22i Silver

Android, 16 GB, 4.0 inch, 960x540, 8 MPixel

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