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BenQ has been working on affordable monitors for some time now, based on Vertical Alignment technology. This type of display is characterised by a high contrast and colour fastness. These screens used to be reserved for the higher price segments, but like IPS panels they are now becoming cheaper. The new BenQ models are also surprisingly affordable, and we tested all three models: the 22-inch GW2250HM, the 24-inch GW2450HM and the 27-inch GW2750HM.

Until recently TN was the dominant type of display technology, but in the past year the trend has been moving toward displays that offer more than just high response times. Prices of IPS screens have gone down, helped by more affordably priced e-IPS panels. Recent LG displays also reflect this trend.

IPS screens usually don't have a very high contrast, but VA (Vertical Alighment) screens excel in this area. The flipside is that VA has a poor response time, where 30 ms or more aren't uncommon. That means that these weren't very interesting for gamers. However, newer VA panels employ overdrive techniques to remedy that.

Our tests will show how well that solution works on the GW2250HM, GW2450HM en GW2750HM monitors from BenQ. What is clear is that BenQ had made these very affordable. The 22-inch version costs an average of £105, the 24-inch model costs £138 and the 27-inch model costs £190. For TN monitors these would be good prices, but for VA displays it's very cheap, comparable to entry-level IPS screens.

That's why we will compare these BenQ VA displays to IPS monitors. We found several 22- and 24-inch models, but there aren't a whole lot of 27-inch screens out there. Hence the addition of a few similarly-priced TN displays in order to have some comparison material.

BenQ GW2450HM


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