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Scanning at your desk



LG is not exactly a household name in the world of computer mice, but the LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner does right away add an innovative feature to the traditional mouse recipe. You are able to scan documents with the bottom of this mouse while you're sitting at your desk. It's not exactly brand-new on the market, but it's interesting enough to take a closer look at.

LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

It's not the prettiest mouse that we have seen. It has an elongated design, which give it a bit of a clumsy appearance. This is deceiving, however, because its dimensions are no larger than other full-size mice. The culprit here is the flat top of the mouse, it doesn't have the traditional rounded design. It also means that the mouse won't fill your palm, and you can't really rest your hand on it. When we turn over the mouse, the reason for the non-traditional design becomes clear. There is a scanning device integrated into this mouse, which affects the design and ergonomics.

LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

The mouse has four buttons in addition to the scroll wheel, consisting of a left and right mouse button, a back button and a scan button. It costs an average of £61, and the box includes a mousepad with transparent top layer for putting a business card underneath for scanning, a quick start guide, a pouch for the mouse and a 20-page manual. It's a pretty complete package you get for a relatively high price.

LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

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LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

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