Streacom FC5 review: a PC doesn't get more silent than this

Passively-cooled HTPC chassis



Because of the small size of this chassis we're not able to use our standard test here. We performed temperature measurements twice. First after half an hour with an idle Windows desktop. The second time was when the CPU was under more higher loads, with the stress test tool OCCT.

We used an ambient temperature sensor attached to two positions on the chassis, on the heatsink above the processor and on the cooling ribs on the right side (that potentially could get the hottest). We also registered the CPU temperature, as indicated by the built-in sensor. These are the results in degrees Celsius:

  Idle 30 min OCCT 30 min
Cooling ribs 36.8 57.7
CPU heatsink 38.3 61.7
CPU 22.5


The CPU does get quite hot during when it's in use, but it stays far inside the margins of safety. The chassis also got pretty warm, but even in these extreme scenario you wouldn't burn your fingers. Moreover, an HTPC playing movies would never get this hot.

With normal use the combination of heatpipes and aluminium chassis is more than enough to get rid of heat build-up from the processor.

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