Streacom FC5 review: a PC doesn't get more silent than this

Passively-cooled HTPC chassis



Product nameFC5 OD Fanless Black
Product codeST-FC50DB
DetailsProduct info
Case typeHTPC
Dimensions - Width44 cm
Dimensions - Depth34.3 cm
Dimensions - Height7.5 cm
Door in front panel
Lock in front panel door
Noise reduction mats inside
Capacity (based on measurements)11.32 dmĀ³
Internal space
5.25 inch front accessible1
Slimline optical drive space
Number of expansion cards1
Low profile
Case fans
Dust filter
Liquid cooling
Holes for custom liquid cooling
User friendliness
Case can be opened without screwdriver
Top panel can be removed
Front panel can be removed without screwdriver
5.25 inch drives can be added without using screws
3.5 inch drives can be added without using screws
2.5 inch drives can be added without using screws
Drives can be added with rail system
Rubber/silicon noise reduction for hard drives
Expansion cards can be added without using screws
Sharp edgesFew
Removable mainboard tray
Cutout in backplate for CPU cooler
Removable cage for hard disks
Holes in backplate for cable management
Front connectors
Front connectors locationNiet aanwezig
Front connectors - Audio
Card reader
Fan controller
Temperature sensor(s)
LED display
VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
Chassis open detection
Fan duct for CPU cooler

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Streacom FC5 OD Fanless Black

HTPC, Black

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