Sharkoon T28 review: a colourful computer case

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Sharkoon is a brand we don't get to see that often, but it's been around for some time. They recently sent us a sample of the T28 computer chassis. It's a pretty and affordable case available in red, green and blue. These colours are found in the interior finish and the lighting of the three built-in fans, which you can see through the window in the side panel. For an average price of £45, that's a nice set of features. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at this Sharkoon T28 chassis, the red version in our case.

The affordable price tag of the T28 places it in the lower mid-range bracket, but for that range it has an uncharacteristically full set of features with the three fans, a USB 3.0 port and a side-window.

It's not a very large cabinet with measurements of 44 x 20 x 48 cm and a volume of 44 litres. It makes it one of the smaller chassis we've tested, and its slightly more than 6.5 kg weight is pretty light for a steel case.

Sharkoon T28 Red

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Sharkoon T28 Red

Tower, ATX, Black/Red, Window, 3 fans

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