ASUS Maximus V Extreme review: ultimate Z77 board for overclockers

New Republic of Gamers board with all kinds of special overclocking features


Extra features

ASUS implemented a 12-phase power supply, claiming it used only the highest-quality components. Large heatsinks were mounted on this power supply, the chipset and the aforementioned PLX chip. Interestingly, the option for watercooling of the motherboard heatsinks on the Maximus V Formula is not available on the Extreme board. The latter has eight PWM fan connectors.

We're dealing with another Republic of Gamers motherboard that is aimed at overclockers, so you can expect tons of extra features. The standard onboard power, reset and Clear CMOS buttons are present. A block with four dip switches lets you enable and disable the PCI-Express slots. There are measuring points for 13 different voltages, both for holding multimeter pens against, and connectors where you can connect cables to. You also have the Go button, which lets you activate preset overclock configurations at any moment.

ASUS Maximus V Extreme

There is the requisite HEX display with BIOS POST, and the motherboard features two BIOS chips which are both replaceable. A button lets you switch between the two. The handy USB BIOS Flashback feature is also present. If your BIOS is corrupted for some reason and you can't start the computer normally, then you can update the BIOS with just a working power supply and a USB stick with the new BIOS on it. Stick it in the white USB slot, and press the special button on the back. A few minutes later your BIOS is updated. The white USB slot also serves as RoG Connect, which control the overclock features and settings from another PC or laptop. But ASUS has an even more ingenious solution for the latter.

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Asus Maximus V Extreme

Extended ATX, Socket 1155, Intel Z77, DDR3

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