Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse review: too much touch, too little action?

Too much input delay



Operating a mouse by touch is still in its inception. Several months ago we reviewed the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which combines touch control with two traditional mouse buttons. The Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse that we will review here takes it to another level, as it has no physical buttons whatsoever. You hear a click when you tap the area where traditionally the left or right mouse button is located, but you don't physically press anything. A better comparison then is the Magic Mouse from Apple.

Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse


The design of the Stealth Touch Mouse has something organic to it, just like the Samsung Galaxy S III has something organic. It looks like it would feel right at home at the bottom of a fast-moving river, as it looks like an eroded rock, and the matte black finish gives it a deluxe feel. With a price of around £45, it's not the cheapest mouse around. There are of course more expensive ones as well, but then you're talking about dedicated gaming mice that have many more features than this model from Manhattan.

The Stealth has a symmetrical design, which means it's suitable for both left- and right-handed people. The only indication that it's made for right-handed people, is the blue-lit Manhattan logo that you can only see if you use it with your right hand. It's connected wirelessly to your computer by means of a nano-receiver you put in a USB port.

Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse

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Manhattan Stealth Touch Mouse

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