High-end Android: HTC One S and X, LG 4X HD and Samsung Galaxy S3 round-up

The four best Android phones currently around, compared and contrasted



After HTC and Samsung launched their new high-end phones for 2012 earlier this year, LG is now the last of the big brands to release a new powerhouse model. With the 4X HD the Korean manufacturer again has a phone that can compete in the highest segment of the smartphone market. High time for Hardware.Info to take a closer look at the new LG device, and to see how it stacks up against the others that have been out for a while now.

The attentive reader will notice that we didn't include the latest Xperia phones from Sony, while Sony definitely is one of the big players. The reason for this is that while the 2012 line of Xperia phones look very nice, they can't keep up in terms of hardware and performance with the others. High-end phones from other manufacturers such as Huawei and ASUS are not (yet) for sale in Europe, and that is why we are limiting this round-up to the four phones by HTC (2), Samsung and LG.

Despite the small number, this is a very interesting round-up because the four phones have three different chipsets, display technologies, resolutions, design philosophies, dimensions and expansion options. And while they all are in the pricier segment, there are some interesting pricing differences as well.

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