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The first full-size mechanical keyboard by CM Storm



Keyboards come in all shapes and sizesĀ - from simple to advanced, basic or with display, or with a sound card or extra keys. Some people swear by mechanical keyboards and refuse to use anything less. Usually they are built with quality materials, have a solid feel and provide tactile feedback when typing. CM Storm's Trigger mechanical keyboard recently saw a Europe-wide release, which is reason enough for Hardware.Info to take closer look at this robust-looking keyboard.

The CM Storm Trigger comes in grey and black plastic, and clearly has a lot of metal integrated in its design as well. The keyboard feels extremely sturdy and doesn't twist at all. The weight reaffirms this impression, it weighs a meaty 1,260 kilograms. A wrist support is provided as well, but it doesn't feel as strong, particularly in the way it attaches to the keyboard. The support has a rubber-like finish that is reminiscent of the material we also find on Lenovo notebooks and certain Bitfenix chassis. It feels rough but not unpleasant, and finger prints don't easily show up on the material. The keyboard has the same rubbery material along the edges and the arrow keys.

The shape of the fonts is in the typical CM Storm style, a bit square, futuristic or even military-style. The letters on the keys are illuminated in red, and the lighting is customisable, but we'll touch more upon that later. On the left side of the keyboard there are five macro keys. The function keys all have a second function, identified by a symbol on the key.

In terms of the connectors, the CM Storm Trigger keyboard has two USB ports. You can connect it with just a USB cable, but there is also a power supply connection on the keyboard, which is necessary for running the lightning at maximum brightness.

CM Storm Trigger Cherry MX Black (US)

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CM Storm Trigger Cherry MX Black (US)

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