32 Intel Z77 motherboards tested with Ivy Bridge processors

What's the best motherboard for your Ivy Bridge system?



In April we published a round-up of 20 motherboards with Z77 chipsets compatible with the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors. Those CPUs weren't available yet at the time so we had to do the tests with the previous generation Sandy Bridge processors. Almost three months have passed in the meantime, and we now have 32 Z77 motherboards in our test lab along with Ivy Bridge processors. We tested every motherboard all over again, with an up-to-date BIOS and with an Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge processor. The testing procedure has also been fine-tuned which allows us to more accurately measure the energy consumption of motherboards.

The 32 tested motherboards all have the Intel Z77 chipset, which we'll analyse further on the next page. The Socket 1155 processor socket is compatible with both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors. Click here to read our extensive review of the Intel Core i7 3770K, 3570K and 3550 Ivy Bridge processors. The Z77 chipset is the most high-end chipset for Socket 1155 processors, so there are a number of very comprehensive and luxurious motherboards available based on that chipset. This round-up also has several more affordable and stripped down boards. And if you're planning to overclock your Ivy Bridge processor, then Z77 is the only good option.

The following motherboards will be discussed in this article:

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