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Not only the 2880x1800 resolution of the 15.4 screen is excellent, the image quality is equally outstanding. The 873:1 contrast isn't great, but that's because with a brightness of 332.6 cd/m² it had a modest black score of 0.381 cd/m². When we lower the brightness then contrast improves.

The greyscale indicates that blue is slightly over-emphasised, but that the lines of the three primary colours are close to each other. In practice this means almost no colour deviations and the desired sRGB colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin is consistent over the whole range. This is reflected by the Delta E scores that indicate deviation. With an average of much less than two, this screen has absolute top scores. We did notice that the image is a bit on the dark side which causes gamma values to be higher than the ideal 2.2. Fortunately this is easily remedied with the software.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (MC976N/A)

The colour rendering of the screen is very good as well. Apple chose to keep the colour range as close as possible to the sRGB and Rec.709 HDTV norm. This makes the display ideal for colour critical work, such as photo and video editing. With colour rendering the Delta score is below 2, which means outstanding quality.

Apple MacBook Pro Retina (MC976N/A)


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Apple MacBook Pro Retina (MC975N/A)

Laptop, Intel Core i7 3615QM, 8 GB, 15.4 inch, 2880x1800, Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, 256 GB, Mac OS


Apple MacBook Pro Retina (MC976N/A)

Laptop, Intel Core i7 3720QM, 8 GB, 15.4 inch, 2880x1800, Nvidia GeForce GT 650M, 512 GB, Mac OS

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