48 SATA 600 SSDs round-up

48 SSDs tested with capacities of 120/128 and 240/256 GB



The actual real-life performance of the various recent SSDs are so close together, that we are forced to conclude that every SSD from the past year is good enough. This means that, nomatter what the brand is, in reality you're not going to notice much difference. This is reflected by the PCMark 7 scores. The result is that prices are playing a more important role, hence the price war that started several months ago. Currently the Crucial m4 is the best choice if you are looking for an affordable SSD, in our opinion. The prices are fluctuating so much that it's worth it to keep an eye on the price-per-gigabyte comparison.

If we analyse the low-level performance of the SSDs, then the AS SSD provides the best overall picture. Out of the tested 240/256 GB SSDs, the OCZ Vertex 4 256GB, Corsair Performance Pro 256 GB and Plextor M3 (Pro) 256GB are the fastest. The Marvell-based Corsair and Plextor are better at reading, while the OCZ is better at writing. The Vertex 4 is our first choice, due to it's low price. If you prefer a SandForce-based SSD, then you have the choice between a number of models that perform equally well: A-Data XPG SX900, Corsair Force GT 240GB, OCZ Vertex 3 240GB and Kingston HyperX 3K. The advantage of the A-Data SSD is that you get 256 GB instead of 240 GB. The Vertex 3 has the best price out of that bunch.

The 120/128 GB SSDs are generally somewhat slower than the larger drives. The Marvell-based Corsair Performance Pro 128GB has the best overall performance, but it's relatively expensive. The Crucial m4 128GB is one of the most affordable 128 GB drives and not much slower. The fastest SandForce SSD in this segment that's cheaper than average is the ADATA SX900 128GB.

OCZ Vertex 4 256GBCorsair Performance Pro 256GB
Corsair Performance Pro 128GB 
Plextor M3 Pro 256GB 

Adata XPG SX900 128GB
Crucial m4 128GB 
Crucial m4 256GB 
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB 


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