Steelseries Diablo III headset review: only for the die-hard fans?

Siberia V2 version for the true Diablo fan



We are reviewing the Diablo III headset from Steelseries, a version of the Siberia V2. The new model has the same specs, but is specifically designed for the recently released Diablo III game. It also has a USB sound card. The pulsing red light fits nicely with the tribal theme of the black-coloured headset. In terms of looks it definitely fits into Blizzard's RPG series. We tested the headset to find out what the sound quality is.

SteelSeries Diablo III Headset

The headband is adjustable without increments, just like the earlier model. It makes adjustment more precise, but also makes it sit a bit looser then when a click system is used. The earphones cover the ears and partially block out ambient sound. They are round in shape, but are decorated with the Diablo III tribal theme. The headset sits comfortably thanks to its fake leather earpads and can be used for long gaming sessions without causing discomfort.

SteelSeries Diablo III Headset

The USB sound card is integrated into the plug and is the size of a standard USB stick. The cable features volume control, and there is a mute button for the mic. The mic is very flexible and retractable.


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