Point of View Protab2 9.7-inch review: affordable tablet with IPS panel

4:3 IPS for around £190



A 4:3 ratio display, a 1024x768 pixel resolution and a capacitive IPS panel, where have we heard that before? The tablet we are reviewing today actually isn't an iPad 2, it's the 9.7-inch Protab2 from Point of View, primarily known for its graphics cards, but also active in the tablet market for some time now. The Protab2 has, in addition to some unique physical qualities, a very appealing pricetag of £190. We tested the tablet to find out what you get for that very nice price.

A year ago, when Android tablets had just arrived, it became clear that £320 was seen as a good starting price by the manufacturers of high-end tablets. This hasn't really changed. One of the main differences between these high-end models and the entry-level ones was the screen. The SoC also differs between the two segments, but the display is the most noticeable difference.

Many more expensive tablets had an IPS panel, while the true budget models came with a TN screen. There were tablets with MVA panels as well, but those are more difficult to simply divide into high-end and budget categories. For example, Acer has been using MVA displays in its Iconia tablets, but those aren't particularly cheap. On the other hand, the Archos 101 G9, with an average price of £220 clearly in the lower price range, also has an MVA screen.

Regardless of the exact positioning of MVA-equipped tablets, it's true that until recently IPS panels were reserved for the more expensive models (more than £320). It looks as if this is changing, however. During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona we saw a Viewsonic tablet, the E100, with an IPS panel which supposedly is going to to cost less than £240 (but hasn't arrived yet). Yarvik did the same with the GoTab Exxa and Zetta, which are available for around £185. Another Dutch manufacturer, Point of View, has now released an IPS tablet with the 9.7-inch Protab2. We extensively tested it to find out what kind of IPS tablet you get for £190.

Point of View ProTab 2 9.7" 8GB

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Point of View ProTab 2 9.7" 8GB

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