Plextor M3 Pro 256GB SSD reviewed

Marvell SSD controller in a higher gear



The Plextor M3 Pro is on average somewhat faster than the Plextor M3, which makes it one of the fastest or perhaps even the fastest Marvel 88SS9174-based SSDs. The differences are not significant, and the competition is getting pretty tough, especially in terms of pricing. Of course we don't mind paying more for the five-year warranty and the promised reliability. That said, when the Crucial m4 256 GB is available for £180, it is difficult to justify spending another £100 for the Plextor M3 Pro when the advantages aren't that obvious.

Until a new generation of SandForce/Marvell controllers arrives, it is likely that the SSD market will be dominated by a price war the coming months. This is good news for the consumer, but more challenging for brands such as Plextor.

Plextor M3 Pro 256GB

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Plextor M3 Pro 256GB

SSD, 256 GB, Serial ATA 600, Marvell 88SS9174, 540 MB/s, 420 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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