Cisco Linksys E4200 V2 review: 450 mbps on both bands

Same exterior, different insides



The Linksys E4200 still is an excellent router. However, it was released more than a year ago (when it was ahead of its time in some respects), but things have changed somewhat since then. As you will be able to read in our upcoming round-up of 14 450mbps routers, there are a number of routers out there that can run in 450mbps mode on both frequencies. The E4200 only supports this on 5 GHz. This is not a huge deal, since the speed gain of 450mbps versus 300mbps mode on 2.4 GHz is not that significant anyway. Moreover, it's not all about the wireless chip when it comes to the wireless speeds a router can achieve. A good example of this is the D-Link DIR-645, a 300mbps router that outperforms all 450mbps routers we've ever tested on the single frequency it has. The orientation and configuration of the antennas, which was thoroughly planned on the DIR-645, also plays an important role in improving the speed, and could even be considered as more important than the chip behind it all.

Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router (V2)

In any case, Cisco found it necessary to introduce a successor, indicated by the addition of V2 behind the model number. Nothing was changed on the exterior of the router, so it still fits perfectly within the new design that was started with the original E4200. It's a different story with the interior though, which we'll see on the next page. We also need to mention that the price will stay the same, as the V2 replaces the original E4200, which will gradually be phased out, or perhaps has been phased out already. This obviously depends on the stock shops have.

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