Corsair Carbide 300R review: compact wind tunnel

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The ideal chassis for a desktop PC does not exist. This is not due to of a lack of quality computer cases, but because of the wide variety of computer types and uses. Still, there is the middle way of an affordable chassis with a nice finish, enough space, effective cooling and acceptable noise levels. These types of cases eventually make their way to Hardware.Info's User system statistics and usually stay there for a very long time. It could very well be that his will happen with the Corsair Carbide 300R.

The Corsair Carbide 300R has a lot going for it, and is considerably more affordable than its bigger siblings, the 400R and the 500R. The latter was tested in a round-up of computer cases and managed to impress us. The 300R we like even more, partly because of its average price of £63. The relatively low price isn't the only reason, though, as we will try to show below.

Constructing a goed yet affordable chassis is not as easy as you might think. The evolution of computer cases is definitely not standing still, despite the apparent static nature of this product category. They're still rectangular boxes for the most part, but are becoming more ingenius in terms of features and hardware. Cable management, finish, connectors, cooling and noise production - a modern chassis is superior in every aspect compared to a case from just a few years ago. And often at a lower price.

Recently we reviewed a model by Antec, the Three Hundred Two, that definitely impressed us with its combination of solid cooling performance, plenty of features and an appealingly low price. With the Carbide 300R Corsair has a similarly priced model with a lot of commonalities, almost to the point that it seems to be a direct competitor to the Three Hundred Two. Later on we will compare and contrast the two cases, but first let's have a look at the 300R and evaluate it on its own merits. 

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