Synology DiskStation DS2411+ review: 12 disk NAS

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Are you a dedicated collector in need of a safe place to store your data? Or perhaps you have a company that needs to safely store large amounts of data in an easily accessible manner? Then Synology could have the perfect solution for you with its DS2411+, a NAS for 12 hard drives at an average price of around £1145.

£1145 is not pocket change of course, but if you think about it this amounts to less than £100 per bay, which puts the price inbetween the DS212j and the DS212. If you need the storage space now or in the near future, then the DS2411+ is not a bad solution based on the price. Provided of course that you have £1145 to spend.

The case is a lot more professional this time around than we're generally used to from Synology. It's a sturdy metal chassis with nicely finished trays with a lock at the top. The one thing that's missing is a display where you can see that status of the system, which is a useful feature we see on other brands. The back of the case gives away the fact that Synology in fact is selling a cleverly disguised computer.

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Synology DiskStation DS2411+

12 bay(s), 0 GB, 2.5 and/or 3.5 inch, 1000 Mbit/s

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