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Cheap is not the word we'd use to describe the DiskStation DS2411+, but we did like this Synology NAS. The DS2411+ is quiet, has many features, is user-friendly and also very versatile. It's a good solution if you like to hoard digital things, or a very professional storage solution for a company that needs large amounts of reliable storage. If you outgrow the currenty capacity and you need to add drives, this is easy to do thanks to Synology Hybrid Raid.

Synology DiskStation DS2411+

If you compare it to other NAS products then the price is reasonable, especially if you compare it to the five-disk Synology DiskStation DS1512+ that's roughly 50 per cent more expensive per disk.

The main drawback of the DiskStation DS2411+ is the limited number of expansion options. Four slow USB 2.0 ports and a connection only suitable for a special and pricy storage case by Synology itself is not enough. Also, in the test results you can see that this device is actually too fast for only two gigabit network ports.

Thanks to the good price/quality ratio we felt that the Synology DiskStation DS2411+ deserves the Hardware.Info Bronze Award, even if its price seems high, but that is only the case when you don't put it into perspective.

Synology DiskStation DS2411+

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Synology DiskStation DS2411+

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